How It All Started


Designer and Artisan, Tiffanie Walker, never imagined that her corporate experience as a jewelry buyer and manager would lead to her current path.  After graduating cum lade with a BS she left corporate America to help support her husbands entrepreneurial dreams.

Then one day she realized that something was missing, So in an effort to spend more time with the kids she enrolled them in a jewelry making class.  That decision opened a creative and artistic spirit that she never knew existed. What began as a hobby, has blossomed into St. Louis' first and only Mobile Jewelry Boutique.  Named after her son, Armon Kristian, AKJ represents the strong, bold, beautiful, and unique personality within everyone.  Staying true to caring for the mind, body and spirit, AKJ uses natural healing gemstones too not only look good but to promote feeling good as well. 

So, to reward his wife for her tireless support of his vision, he surprised her one day with an 8" x 18" trailer and the rest is history in the making.  Not only does AKJ give your unique and custom jewelry, but they also deliver a fun and memorable shopping experience.