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(Below) A hand painted Merilyn Monroe Bag ($40)

Coral Necklace and bracelet set.  

(Left) AKJ Bling Tee Shirt ($35)

Carved Jade Necklace $150


(Above)  Sterling silver earrings, braceets and more

(Right) Labradorite is not only a beautiful stone, but it serves many functions; it encourages courtesy and brings out the best in people.  It helps reduce antisocial behavior in children.

Pendant $50 Sterling Silver

Bracelet $65

Lower Necklace $150

Upper Necklace $85

(Left) The blood of Jesus Tee Shirt with Forgiven ($35) 

Red and green Carved Jade Necklace ($150)

Pyrite or fool gold as it is known, promotes favorable energy in business, boots energy levels and strengthens willpower. 

Necklace $120

Cross Bracelet Sterling Saver $

Bottom Bracelet $45

(Above) This Lapis and blue lace agate is accented by a draw dropping blue agate stone that demands attention when you enter the room. 

Upper Necklace $110 (with pendant)

Lower Necklace $89

Earrings $45 (blue lace agate) SOLD

(Right) Jade is a powerful healing stone, it increases life and creativity, it signifies wisdom and brings tranquility and good fortune. 

Heart Necklace Was $180 Now $!25

Lower Necklace Was $80 Now $65

Rose Quartz is known as the heart stone or the love stone.  It is effective is attracting new love, romance and intimacy. 

Pendant & Necklace $

(Right) Copper is known to help reduce headaches, arthritis, joint pain and zinc deficeincies.  It can help regulate the acidic levels of the body.  These copper neck bars are a great way to use the healing properties of copper and still stay on the cutting edge of what's hot. 

Onyx pendant $60

Copper Neck Bar $30

(Above, Lower Necklace) Morganite cleanses the emotion body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden trauma. 

Dagger Necklace

(Right) Clear quartz crystals bring clarity to your communication, amplifies your thoughts, and can assist you by bringing about clearer thought.  

Pendant Sterling Silver Wrap Was $49 Now $39

(Above) Amazonite helps you speak the truth, the stones have been found in the graves of the Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamen. 

Amazonite Necklace $85

Emerald Copper Bagel $65

(Left) Black Onyx, the birthstone of Leo's.  It is the anniversary stone of the 10th year of marriage.

Sterling Silver Native earrings with Turquoise, feather designed tips, the detail and workmanship is 2nd to none.  $65 

Black steel pendant tension set with Pave' 0.02 ct Diamond cut round segnity star material.  Nickel free, made from the finest stainless steel.


Chrysoprase brings about joy and happiness while reducing anxiety.

Lower Necklace $70

Pearl necklace with agate wrapped in sterling silver.

Upper Necklace $30

Sterling Silver $85

White Crystal

Sterling Silver


Labradorite on Sterling Silver


Amazonite Earrings on Sterling Silver $30

Sterling Silver $79

Sterling Silver with moonstone


This cuff bracelet is designed with Swaroski crystals in an enameled setting with Fluer de lis design.  It is stamped with the Swaroski swan logo and proves to be the most impressive art on your arm at any given time.  $499

(Left) Fresh water pearls on Sterling Silver.  Box Included LOL

$ 70

(Below) Labradorite bracelet with a gorgeous chalcedony center stone $65

(Above) Vintage Tommy Hilfiger ($35)

Gold Stainless cuff with Pave' diamond cut segnity star material. ($150)

Tortoise shell print watch with flex bangel band ($25)

Did you say earrings.  Well we have 100's of earrings, too many to post.  This is one collection of dozens.  

Add  some spice to your jewelry game with our unique selection of detailed pewter necklaces.  $50-$75

Bracelets Galore. Exquisite denial on these unique and easy to fasten bracelets.  Starting at $40-$60

(Left) Hand bent and wrapped copper bracelets with stones, no two pieces are alike.  $50 each

Rings Rings Rings

Starting At $20-$40


(Above) A spectacular red enameled bracelet encrusted with rhinestones, cintrine, rose quartz, amber and topaz.  $!25



(Left) Mixed Turquoise, wood and agate.  


Creative and uniquely designed pewter necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.


Onyx, tiger eye, hemetite and bone wrap bracelet or can be worn as a necklace.  $65.  Rare Amber ring in sterling silver $250









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